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COSMOS4U Configuration Utility

With COSMOS4U Configuration Utility, you can bulk update  symbols of Metatrader 4 and 5 at once for COSMOS4U products (COSMOS4U AdMACD ExpertAdvisor, COSMOS4U AdMACD Indicator, COSMOS4U Volume).

You can watch a video of COSMOS4U Configuration Utility by clicking here

You can download COSMOS4U Configuration Utility by clicking here.

After having downloaded the COSMOS4UConfigurationUtility zip-file, unzip it in order to find the executable file.

Before you get started, you must create and save a profile either for Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5.

Metatrader Preparation

Open e.g. the Metatrader 5, open the symbols that you wish to trade with





and then, insert the products of COSMOS4U (drag and drop), i.e. the COSMOS4U AdMACD Indicator and the COSMOS4U Volume Indicator.




To enhance chart readability , we recommend using the templates of COSMOS4U.




You can download our templates for Metatrader 4 by clicking here and for Metatrader 5 by clicking here
Next, you can input the COSMOS4UAdMACDExpertAdvisor and check the “Allow autotrading” indication.




The Metatrader should appear as follows.




Finally, save your profile (File->Profiles->SaveAs), e.g. COSMOS4Uand close the Metatrader platform.




Configuration Utility

Open the COSMOS4U Configuration Utility and if you have already bought our products, click “No” on the following message.




When the COSMOS4U Configuration Utility opens, select the Metatrader version that you want to use and the profile that you previously saved.
The application will load the symbols and the parameters that are stored in your profile and the corresponding fields will be uneditable.




When you check the symbols that you want to modify (Selected column), the corresponding fields become editable.




In order to apply the changes to the products of COSMOS4U, you should check the products of COSMOS4U that you want to configure.




You can now press  the button (SynchronizeH1 ParameterswithCOSMOS4U) and import the optimal parameters that COSMOS4U suggests each week for the H1 timeframe.




Alternatively, you can import  your custom parameters (Fast, Slow, Signal) for theCOSMOS4UAdMACDExpertAdvisor, COSMOS4UIndicatorandCOSMOS4UVolume. Moreover, you can configure the rest of the settings of COSMOS4U AdMACD Expert Advisor such as Timeframe, Capital, Weekend Trades etc




Our application, enables you to enter the same settings for all COSMOS4U AdMACD Expert Advisors of the symbols via the field “Config all selected Expert Advisor”. By pressing the Set button, the corresponding setting will be applied to all the symbols that you have selected.




When you enter all the settings, you can click on the Update Profile button.




Finally, you click on the bottom right corner button (Open Metatrader and EXIT).




Our application will close and launch the Metatrader with the settings that you have selected.



COSMOS4U AdMACD Indicator Inputs



COSMOS4U AdMACD Expert Advisor Inputs


By activating the Auto Trading button of Metatrader, all the COSMOS4U AdMACD Expert Advisors open the appropriate positions and you let the COSMOS4U Trading System conduct  the trades.